How to Report Traffic Violation in Qatar via Metrash2 App

How to Report Traffic Violation in Qatar via Metrash2 App

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Citizens and Residents can report a traffic violation in Qatar directly from their phones using the Metrash2 app. It enables you as a user to access different services from the same place through one platform.


Most people know that some of the most common traffic offenses in Qatar involve drivers who violate state laws by occupying parking spots reserved for people with disabilities. Other traffic violations include parking in prohibited areas and obstructing traffic flows.


When you send a report you should include details like where the violation occurred, what day and time it happened, and the vehicle’s license plate number.


Step-by-step Guide on How to Report Traffic Violation in Qatar via Metrash2 App

In this guide below, we explain how to report traffic violations in Metrash2, an online app that you can use to report a traffic violation in Qatar and allows you to submit a complaint about a driver who has violated traffic laws.

  1. Log in to your account on the Metrash2 app.
  2. Select and Click on “Communicate with us”
  3. Click on “Traffic”
  4. Then, click “Report Traffic Violation”.
  5. Fill in all the required information and attach an image affirming the violation.
  6. Lastly, Click on “Send”.


Metrash2 App Other Services

Metrash2 app offers the residents of Qatar an easy way to access MOI services through their mobile devices. Many services like enquiring about their official documents, creating and paying for individual/company exit permits, enquiring and checking about and settling traffic violation in Qatar, etc. are made available through an easy-to-use user platform interface.

Metrash2 is available for free. It requires a user to download and install the application on his/her mobile device in quick easy steps. and then, register and create an account for the services to access.

Metrash2 allows to operate with MOI services, Metrash2 reaches you everywhere.



With the Metrash2 app, you can report traffic violation in Qatar directly from your mobile device. Through the App, traffic violators can easily be caught up by the authority to correct their wrongdoings. On top of that, The app has been updated with a lot of new features.


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