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QDC Appointment Online | How to Get Liqour Permit in Qatar

QDC Appointment Online | How to Get Liqour Permit in Qatar

QDC appointment online to get a liquor permit in Qatar is easy, as long as you complete and submit all the necessary documents required to be eligible to obtain a liquor license from Qatar Distribution Company.

Qatar Distribution Company or QDC administered the Liquor Permit issuance in Qatar, and application forms are available only at the Shop.

Before you apply online for the application of liquor permit or the license, make sure that you are within this requirements guide to avoid wasting time scheduling appointments and visiting the shop.

Basic Requirements on How to Get a Liquor Permit

  1. The applicants are non-GCC citizens holding a valid Qatar residence permit.
  2. Must be over 21 years of age
  3. Applicant must be earning a basic salary of at least 3,000 Qatari riyals, excluding all allowances.
  4. Qatar Residence Permit or QID validity should be more than two months.

Once you have all the requirements above, you can now book your appointment online through the QDC Online website, which you can find here QDC APPOINTMENT ONLINE.

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How To Apply For A Liquor Permit

Applicants Must Provide The List:

  • Obtain a letter from your employer addressed to QDC or ‘To Whom It May Concern’* with your name,
    position and a breakdown of monthly salary showing primary and any allowances applicable.
  • The accommodation entitlement must be shown either as free housing provided by the employer or
    as a monthly allowance.
  • The letter must be signed by an authorized signatory and stamped by the company.
  • The letter must be in English dated within the last three months on original company letterhead.
  • You must show your original Qatar Resident Permit identity card. QID validity should be more than
    Two months.
  •  You must complete a QDC application form. Forms are available at the Parking Guard Room or in
    the Permit office waiting area on the first floor.
  • In some cases, you may be required to produce evidence of salary and allowances such as bank
    statements and/or employment contracts and/or CR Copy.
  • Payment of License fee paid on pro-rata basis based on QID validity. The license fee is not refundable.
    We accept only debit/credit cards for payment—a fee of approximately QAR 150 per year.


QDC Fees

Liquor Permit Rules Do’s and Dont’s

  • Permits are for personal use only
  • Purchases must be taken directly to the permit holder’s residence and should be concealed
    from public view in transit.
  • The Permit holder and goods must be in the same vehicle.
  • The Permit holder and goods must be in the same vehicle.
  • Alcohol consumption must be at the permit holder’s residence only.
  • It is strictly forbidden to give alcohol to others whether by sale or gi.
  • You cannot purchase without your permit card.
  • Only primary and joint permit cardholders are allowed inside the retail store. No guests, spouses
    without joint cards or children of any age will be allowed to enter the retail store.
  • Pork products are sold to Non-Muslims only.
  • Any transfers observed on our premises will result in the suspension or cancellation of the permit.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse to cancel any membership or refuse entry to the premises.

The Maximum Validity of a Liquor Permit or Renewal of a Permit

  • The expiry date will be shown in the format MM/YY. The permit will be valid up until the
    last day of the month shown.
  • You will be allowed one purchase 30 days after the expiry date (last day of the month shown on
    the card in MM/YY format) to allow you time to renew the permit. Within 30 days, usage is conditional
    upon you having a confirmed retail store appointment booked before the last day of card expiration.

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QDC Permit Validity
QDC Permit Validity

QDC Appointment Online Click and Collect Transaction

The online ordering option is also available through the QDC website.

Just follow the step below on how to order online

Click and Collect
Click and Collect

Please visit to book a QDC appointment online for more info…


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