Qatar ID Or Residency Permit: This Is What You Need To Know

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Qatar ID or residency permit is an important document for residents or any foreigner who wants to stay in Qatar for more than six months. If you want to work, study or just live in Qatar, you must have a valid residence permit.

In this post, We will give you all the information that you need to know about QID cards or residency permits. Plus, I will tell you how to get a Qatar ID card and what are the benefits of having one.

What is a Qatar ID?

Qatar identification or residency permit is an official document issued to all Qatar residents. This document is issued by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar. All residents must carry their ID at all times when roaming around the country.


How To Check Your Moi Qatar ID Status online

Moi Qatar ID Metrash2

This is how you can check your ID card inquiry online. Download and Register for the Metrash2 app services on your mobile device and you will be able to check your ID status. On the other hand, you can visit the official website portal of Moi Qatar services to check your Qatar ID status online.


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What is a Qatar ID Card?

As part of the application process, every expatriate who is granted a Residence Permit is also given a Qatar ID Card. These plastic cards are the size of a credit card and contain a photo of the holder as well as basic personal information.

Residents need a Qatar ID to travel within Qatar and also if they want to live in Qatar. This ID card contains details such as the name of the holder, card expiry, picture, nationality, occupation, and birth date. The QID card also has a unique 11-digit number which is an alphanumeric code used to identify the holder of the card.


Step-by-Step Guide to Check your MOI Qatar ID Status Online

Follow these easy steps on how to check your QID status online through Moi website service;

How to change registered mobile number in metrash2

Moi website

  • Go to the Ministry of Interior’s official website portal by clicking here.
  • On the menu tab, click on the MOI Services drop-down next to the “Home menu” tab.
  • Once you click on the MOI services menu, click on the Inquiries section.
  • On the left side panel of the page, you will find a menu with different options. select the “other inquiries” tab.
  • You will find four different options on the page. Click on the “official document” button.
  • Lastly, you can search for your details by inserting your QID or Passport Number. Once you click on the search button, it will show you the details status of your ID Card Expiry Date, Passport Expiry Date, and Residency Expiration Date.


What Does The 11-digit Qatar ID Number Mean?

Qatar ID Or Residency permit

In this section, You will find out the meaning of your unique 11-digit number on your QID card. So, if you want to learn how to read and understand your Qatar identity card or QID number continue to read on;

The State of Qatar uses the ISO(International Organization for Standardization) 3166 for Numeric Country codes.

  • Here’s what the 1st Digit means. if the first digit falls in number 2 it means you were born in the year between 1900 to 1999. but, if it’s number 3 it means you were born in the year 2000 onward.
  • The 2nd and 3rd Digits on your Card number mean, it is the Last two-digit numbers of your birth year (ex. 1981)
  • Then, the 4th, 5th, and 6th Digits are the ISO Country Code of your home country.
  • Finally, the last five digits are your counts on the number of people from your home country in the same birth year that entered the State of Qatar.
  • Let me show you an example, let’s say that your ID number is 2-81-608-03519. This means that you were born in 1981, and you are the 3519th Filipino(Philippines ISO country code:608) who was born in the year 1981 that we’re able to get the Qatar Residency Permit.

Now that you have learned how to read the unique 11-digit number of Qatar ID or residency permit, you can simply glance at someone’s QID number to ascertain their age and nationality. That is, assuming you have learned the country code.


What is the Renewal Process of Qatar ID?

The Qatar ID card, often known as QID, has an expiration date. There are several options for renewing your QID, depending on its categorization.

Employers, sponsors, and ID holders have three months after their QID has expired to renew it without paying a fine. QID’s can be renewed up to three months before they expire. The Ministry will charge a penalty of QR 10 each day once the grace period has expired.

According to Hukoomi, the Ministry of Interior allows employers and individuals to renew their residency permits both online and offline. Renewals can only be done online for a period of 1-3 years.


How much are the fees for getting a New Residency Permit Card or Qatar ID (QID) renewal fees

  • Sponsorships for the wife, children, and family cost QR 500. (1 calendar year)
  • Employees sponsored by companies, institutions, and shops will get QR 1,000. (1 calendar year)
  • Employees on personal sponsorships, servants, farmers, and sailors receive QR 300. (1-year)

If you renew for three years, you will receive a 20% discount (for personal sponsorship, companies, wife, children, and family sponsorship).

If you choose the QPost service for delivery, you will have to pay an additional QR 20.


Benefits of Having a Qatar ID

Having an ID card is very beneficial, especially in the Middle East. In fact, many people are required to have an ID card in order to get a job or do anything else. Having an ID card also allows you to travel freely within the country and to get access to government services.

It also allows you to open a bank account and get a credit card. It is a great way to prove your identity and it can be used as a form of identification.



I hope that this article helps you with all you need to know about the Qatar ID card or residency permit(iqama or pataka in Arabic words) and make the most of your stay in the country.


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