How to Check Qatar ID in 4 Easy Steps (with Video Tutorial)

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How to check Qatar’s ID status online is one of many important things that at least you know as a resident in Qatar.

Qatar id is a very important document if you are living in Qatar, that you must have your id card at all times wherever you go around the country.

The Qatar id number is unique for each person in Qatar and it can be found on the front side of the card.

Before we dive in on how to check Qatar id online, let’s have a look at what is Qatar identification for and how long is it valid;

What is Qatar ID?

A Qatar ID card is a legal document issued by the Qatar government to its citizens. Qatar ID card is an official identity document that is issued by the Ministry of Interior to all citizens of Qatar.

It’s mandatory for all Qatar residents to carry this card at all times, It is used for identification purposes in Qatar.

Every expatriate issued the Resident permit also receives a Qatar id card or QID, card is like a bank size card that indicates the unique resident number and the visa dates expiry and other personal details.

Qatar ID Validity

Qatar id is valid for 5 years for a citizen not more than 16 years of age and 10 years validity older than 16 years of age. You can check the validity of your Qatar id in the card itself or online.

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Qatar ID Renewal

Qatar ID can be renewed three (3) months before the expiration date.

Now, you will ask what if your Resident Permit expired? The company or employer can re-establish the expatriates’ resident permit without any cost or fine.

After the 90 days grace period, a person with an expired or canceled Resident Permit should leave the country or renew the RP without any penalty.

Ministry of Interior allows individuals and companies to renew RP’s 1 to 3 years online in Qatar, as per Hukoomi.

How to Check Qatar ID Online

1. Go to “” website

moi qatar website

2. Click on the “inquiries” section

moi website

3. Select the “other inquiries” option on the left side panel of the Moi services page

moi web

4. Then, Choose “official documents”

moi web

Under official documents, select “Qid” you can see that it is selected when you see the blue circle beside it

and then, type your QID number in the fill box and type the “3-digit number on the left side at the blank box, then hit “search”

moi web

after you click search, a pop-out of your documents details which are registered with your QID will display.

how to check Qatar ID online

like passport validity, resident permit expiry, and even a driving license (if you drive in Qatar).

that’s it!

That is how easily you can check a Qatar id online through the Ministry of Interior website.

Start here (Moi website), if you want to check now your Qatar ID online

Watch the Video Tutorial on How to Check Qatar ID online:

Final Thoughts

Qatar online services are one of the most synchronize systems I have seen. it is easy to use and accessible on any device, whether it’s desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Renewal of Qatar id, visa, driving license, and so on and so forth is simple and you don’t have to wait in a queue.

Many transactions can be done in a few clicks, say for example online checking of important documents, ordering goods and foodies, and payment online.

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