Qatar health card renewal

Qatar Health Card Renewal: What You Need to Know (2022)

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Renewal of Qatar health card can access both online and offline.

First, let me explain why you should apply for a renewal of your Qatar health id after it expires and what important it is. A valid Qatar health card gives you healthcare access to government hospitals like Hamad Medical corporation and other government healthcare facilities.

Second, the medicine and consultation fee is subsidized if you had a valid Qatar health card.

Who can apply for a Qatar health card

People from Qatar can apply for a health card that lets them access services at any of the Hamad medical corporation’s (HMC) healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Without a valid health id, you will spend more money paying your hospital bill and other medical expenses.

Non-urgent treatments or consultations may cost extra but are often subsidized by your valid health card. Holders of a Qatar health card can also buy their prescription drugs at the government pharmacy at discounted rates.

Why is Qatar health card renewal is important?

A Qatar health card renewal is an important document that can be used to identify oneself. It is issued by the government and contains information such as your name, date of birth, and nationality.

It also contains a photo of the holder and a magnetic strip with a unique number that can be used to identify the holder. The card also has a list of all the medical data at the back of the card.

The Qatar health card is important because it can help people get access to medical care when they need it. It can also be used as identification when you are traveling outside your country or state.

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In case your Qatar health card expires: here’s how you would renew it;

It’s important to understand what you need to do in order to get your health card renewal in Qatar after it expires because it gives you peace of mind and ensures that you’ll be taken care of in case of an emergency.

What should you know about it? This article will help you understand what you need to do about Qatar Health Card and what you need to know about the process.

The Cost Of Qatar health Card Renewal

Renewal of Qatar health card fees vary based on a category in per year rate, below you can check how much the cost of Qatar health card renewal is.

Expatriate residents’ fee is 100 Qatari riyals for their Qatar health card renewal, and Qatari citizens, GCC nationals, and domestic staff pays 50 Qatari riyals per year.

Easy Qatar health card renewal process through Hukoomi E-service

Here is the Step by step guide:

Go to “”, Click the link

  1. Enter your Qatar ID and select “renew” with a red circle (mark with a rectangular shape to easily see the fill-in option), and click “next”

Qatar health card renewal_1

2. Type in your phone number, and then select, how you want to receive the receipt.

there are two options, one is to receive the receipt by email, and the second option thru SMS.

once you select your preferred method, hit “next”

Qatar health card renewal_2

3. The information of the cardholder will appear and the amount fee. Read to make sure that all information of you are correct, once you check all the details is correct, click “Pay”

Qatar health card renewal_3

4. Fill in all the required details of the payment method and also your billing address(step#4-b), and hit”pay now”

Qatar health Card renewal_4

Qatar health card renewal_4_a

Lastly, after the payment is done, a confirmation page will pop out. Click the “print” button if you want to print the receipt otherwise hit “Finish”.

it will only take a few minutes and your Qatar health card renewal is done.

Do they replace my expired health card with a new card?

The answer is No. Qatar health card does not have an expiration date printed on the card and it is renewed online automatically once the expired card is renewed.

Qatar health card validity only appears online.

and here’s how you can check your Qatar health card validity online:

How to check Qatar health card validity online

1. Visit Government E-service, Click (Hukoomi)

Type your Qatar ID number in the blank box below the “information” section (pointing arrow), and choose “Check expiry”, hit “next”

Health card validity

2. Your health card validity will show up. if your Qatar health card is not expired, the date of your health card id will be shown as the image below with a rectangular mark(date when it will expire).

While expired id, the detail will show like this “Your health card expired on: Renew your health card

Health card validity date

As you can see, The renewal of Qatar health card is fast and easy by using the e-service of the Hukoomi website.

all you need is an internet connection, a mobile phone or tablet or desktop, and a bank card and the renewal transaction will be finished in a matter of minutes.

let’s say that you do not prefer an online method to renew your Qatar health id, maybe because you are worried to expose your debit/credit card number online, You can either renew your Qatar health card by visiting the Hamad Medical corporation facility or any PHCC center.

Qatar Health Card Renewal Frequently Asked Question


How To Check Qatar Health Card Details?

You can your Qatar health card details by going to the Hukoomi website and following the steps above on how to check health card validity.


How Much is The Cost If I Lost Or Damaged My Qatar Health Card And Need To Replace It?

For Qataris 50 QR will be charged, while Non-Qataris would be charged 100 QR for a lost and still valid health card. But, keep in mind that a lost and expired Qatar health card charge is different.

Qataris will be charged 100 QR and the Non-Qataris fee is 200 QR for a new health card.


What Is The Grace Period For The Renewal Of My Qatar Health Card And Would There Be a Penalty If My Health Card Is Expired?

No. there will be no grace period and you can renew it any time. You will not have to pay anything even if your Qatar health card is expired, payment can only be made upon the renewal.


Do I Get New Qatar Health Card After The Renewal Process?

Authority would not issue a new health card even you renew your expired health card. You can use the same card continuously. Only lost or Damage health cards are needed to change but you need to pay for it.


How much does it cost to renew your Qatar Health Card?

Expat residents can renew their Qatar Health Cards at QR 100 per year.

The price is QR 50 for Qataris, GCC nationals, and domestic personnel.

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