How to Check Your Balance in Ooredoo Qatar : 3 Quick Ways

How to Check Your Balance in Ooredoo Qatar : 3 Quick Ways

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You’ll want to know how much is your Hala card balance in Ooredoo Qatar? For that, Ooredoo Qatar has many ways that you can check out your remaining balance.

Checking your Hala card balance is easy in Ooredoo Qatar through the USSD code and text message method which is free of charge to use. However, if you don’t like to type in on or text, you can easily download the My Oredoo app, and your Ooredoo number balance will show up on the Ooredoo app homepage once you logged in.

In this post, I will show you how you can check your Hala card balance in Ooredoo Qatar in different ways. But first, let me give you a brief idea about the largest telecommunication network provider in Qatar.


What is Ooredoo Qatar?

Ooredoo, originally known as Qtel, is a worldwide telecommunications corporation founded in Qatar. Its headquarters are located in Doha, Qatar’s capital. The firm specializes in mobile wireless services and operates in both domestic and international markets. 

It has operations in more than ten countries across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, including Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Indonesia, Maldives, Algeria, Oman, Myanmar, Tunisia, and Palestine. Ooredoo was the first telecom provider in the world to offer 5G services in Qatar. 

It is also one of the world’s major telecom providers, with more than 118 million subscribers worldwide as of April 2020. Ooredoo Qatar offers its customers the need to know how to check their balance because it has such a big consumer base.


Here are the 3 ways how to check your Hala card balance in Ooredoo Qatar

  1. Through USSD code
  2. By text message
  3. Ooredoo App


How to check your Ooredoo Qatar balance through USSD code

Every time you will check your Ooredoo Qatar balance by using the USSD method, you may wonder what is this USSD code? USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, sometimes known as “quick codes” or “feature codes”.

it is a communications protocol that GSM cellular phones use to connect with the mobile network operator’s computers. WAP surfing, prepaid callback services, mobile money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and network configuration are all possible using USSD.


Here are some Ooredoo Qatar USSD numbers that are worth memorizing:

  • *129#: to check your main account balance and validity.
  • *129*2#: To check your bonus balance.
  • *100*1#: To change the language of your Ooredoo voicemail. 
  • *100*400#: To disable/deactivate your Ooredoo voicemail. 
  • *103*mobile number#: Code for “Call me back”.
  • *130*recipient Hala/Ooredoo number*amount#: Use For credit transfer.


Ooredoo Qatar - the largest telecommunication company in the State of Qatar

How to check your Ooredoo Qatar balance by SMS

If you are an existing Ooredoo Qatar subscriber, knowing your balance details is quite easy and all you have to do is follow these simple steps;

  1. Go to your phone text message, create a new message by typing BAL SPE(for English) and BAL SPA(for Arabic)
  2. After creating the message SEND it to 114. You don’t have to worry about the cost of sending this text message because it’s free of charge.
  3. Immediately you will receive a text response about your Ooredoo Qatar balance inquiries.


Note: make sure that you will use the Uppercase or Capital letters in typing the message for balance inquiries, same as how I typed the bolded text above in step 1.

How to check your Ooredoo Qatar balance using Ooredoo App

Ooredoo has mobile apps that allow you to check your Ooredoo Qatar account balances, including call minutes, messages, and internet data allowance. It has a lot of other features and is quite user-friendly, in addition to checking your remaining allowance… Using the My Ooredoo app, follow these steps to check your balance:


  1. Download the Ooredoo App in Appstore or Google Play.
  2. Register by using your Ooredoo Qatar number. Choose your password and once you’re registered, you can change the way how you want to open the Ooredoo app by using your fingerprint as your password. Just activate the fingerprint option. By that, every time that you want to access your ooredoo app you don’t have to type your password again and again.
  3. When your registration in App is complete, log in to the app and you will see all your ooredoo details for your account number including your prepaid balance, data allowance, and bonuses. if you subscribe to other ooredoo services it will also appear on your ooredoo homepage.


How to check your Ooredoo Qatar Flexi card balance?

  • To check your remaining balance, dial *129*5#.


How to check your Ooredoo Qatar internet data card balance?

  • create a new message by typing BAL SPE(for English) and BAL SPA(for Arabic) and SEND to 114.


How to check an Ooredoo Qatar balance inquiry?

  • Just dial *129#, press call


How to check an Ooredoo Qatar bonus?

  • Press or  dial *129*2#, press call

If you have more questions, feel free to visit for more info.


Key Takeaways

By now, you can easily check your ooredoo Qatar balance by using the information above, and if you might don’t know… oredoo Qatar has also a money service that will help you to fast and easily transfer money domestically and internationally by using the ooredoo mobile money app.

Don’t forget to check the Ooredoo card when you buy it physically, you can find useful numbers at the front and back of the recharge card that you can use like balance inquiries and bonuses. but, if you purchase online, by using the Ooredoo app you will easily navigate for all the required information you need for the Ooredoo Qatar services.

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