How To Check Qatar Visa Online Thru Moi Website

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Are you planning to go to Qatar? if yes, you need to get a Qatar visa. Suppose you want to know the status of your Qatar visa. I will show you how you can check inquiries about your Qatar visa online.

Qatar Visa can check online through the Ministry of interior (Moi) Web portal. All you need is your visa application number or your passport number to check your visa status.
In this article, you will learn how to check your Qatar visa online step by step thru the Moi e-service portal. without further ado, start by visiting the Moi official website.

What You Need To Check Qatar Visa Online

  • Visa number
  • Passport number

Moi Qatar Visa Check By Passport Number

Checking on your Qatar visa online through the Moi website requires your passport number. It is one of the two options available to identify the visa status of the passport number holder and make sure to provide the correct number of your passport.

To check your Qatar visa status online using your passport number, follow the steps below on how to check Qatar visa status online.

Step On How To Check Your Qatar Visa Status Online

1. After clicking the Moi website, on your page screen find the “inquiries” option. Click on that to redirect you to the next page.

Moi Qatar Visa Check

2. Now you will see the Visa services panel section on your screen, click on the “visa inquiry and printing”

Moi Qatar Visa Check Services

3. In the Visa inquiry and printing panel box, you have two options, the passport, and visa number. Fill out the one you preferred to use for checking your Qatar visa status.

Moi Qatar Visa Check inquiry and printing

4. Type in the Captcha verification code in the dialogue box on the right and hit the “submit” button.

Moi Qatar Visa Check Captcha

5. A pop-up message will appear that has all the details of your Qatar visa status.

6. You can print or reprint your visa or saved it.

You might ask once you find out your visa status, especially if you got an error or alert message. Some reasons below may answer your questions.


Why There Is An Error or Alert Message On My Online Qatar Visa Status?

There are some possible reasons why you got an error or alert message on your visa status, it can be as follows;
  • The system of the Moi web portal is down or having network maintenance. Try refreshing it and try to do again the following steps above on how to check a Qatar visa online.
  • Your visa is not issued yet
  • Confirm with your agent(if you do have one) if your visa application is in process.
  • Doubled visa, it means that is fake.

Caution: Be aware of the person or agency offering you a Qatar visa. Make sure that it is legit or authorized by the Ministry of interior(Moi) in the state of Qatar. To make sure that you are not wasting your time and energy, always ask or call or check out Qatar Visa Center.


Qatar Visa Check Online Thru Qatar Visa Center Website

The next method on how to check Qatar visa status online is by visiting the Qatar visa center website. There are some countries that have branches of Qatar visa centers, You can see the list here.

1. Go to the Qatar visa center official website

Qatar Visa Center Website

2. Choose your preferred language and select country

Qatar Visa Center Tracking Application

3. Find and select “Track application”

Qatar Visa Center Application

4. Choose between the passport or visa number option that you’re going to use. Fill out valid number details

5. Enter the Captcha code and click “submit”


What are the Different Types of Qatar Visa?

Depending on your purpose going to Qatar, Here is the list of common Qatar visas;

  • Work visa

  • Tourist visa

  • Family visa

  • Business visa

  • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) resident visa


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The Ministry of Interior or Moi provides the best e-services for the residents of Qatar and website users to easily apply or check important documents like the Qatar visa for example. Aside from that, there are many more the Moi portal can offer.

Visit the Moi Website for more info.

To easily access the Moi web Portal on checking your Qatar visa status, go to How To Check Qatar Visa Online.

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