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How To Change Registered Mobile Number in Metrash2 App

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You got a new phone number and want to register it on Metrash2 to replace your old mobile number on the platform, you can do so by accessing your Metrash phone app or on the Moi Qatar website.

This guide will assist you on how to change your registered mobile number in Metrash2, and also how to change it using the Moi Qatar web portal. First, let me describe briefly Metrash Qatar and what it can do.

What is Metrash in Qatar?

How to change registered mobile number in metrash2

Metrash2 provides citizens of Qatar with a simple way to use MOI services on their mobile devices. Through an easy-to-use user interface, services such as querying about official documents, creating and paying for individual/company exit permits, enquiring about and settling traffic violations, and so on are made available.

Metrash (the older version) of the Metrash2 app is one of the Ministry of Interior’s(Moi) key public electronic services. Qatar residents can get SMS messages on their mobile phones via Metrash2, informing them of important information such as:

Metrash2 is a free mobile app dedicated to residents of Qatar with more than 200 useful services. As of this writing, Metrash2 has More than 2.5 million active subscribers. 

Metrash2 Qatar Members


The Metrash2 application is so handy to use and has an easy-to-follow guide on every service that you are going to use based on your needs.


How To Download Metrash2 App?

To start accessing the app you must download it on the Google play store for Android or if you are an iPhone user, you can head to the app store to start downloading the Metrash2 app.


How do I log in or register on Metrash 2?

Step #1

After you download the app, open Metrash2 and Select language. On the bottom right corner, you will see the language icon. The Arabic language is the default language of Metrah2 which is why you have to choose your preferred language.

Metrash App Language

Once you select your right language click on log in.


Step #2

You need to type your Qatar ID number and the expiration date on the space box. Then a pop-up message will prompt asking if your mobile number is registered on your Qatar ID. then, just choose “Yes”.

Metrash Registration QID

Note: If your having trouble in registration regarding your mobile number, Do not hesitate to ask your network provider. If it is Ooredoo or Vodafone network service, you can visit one of their branches near you to register your mobile number on to your Qatar ID.


Step #3

Send Message to 92992

In this step, the Metrash2 app will automatically create an SMS message for you that you need to Send to 92992.

Metrash 2 Pin code



Click “Send” and wait until you receive the activation code.


What is the Metrash2 PIN code?

The auto SMS message is for the activation code that Metrash2 will be going to send to your mobile number. That is the reason why Metrash2 is prompting you at the start of your registration “if your mobile number is registered under your Qatar ID”. That message from Metrash contains your PINS (Part 1 and Part 2) that you’ll gonna use in the next step. 


Step #4

Type in the Activation code and set your PIN Codes

How to change registered mobile number in metrash2 Pin Code

Let’s assume that the Metrash2 app is closed already. Open it, type in your Qatar ID and enter the SMS message of Part 1 and Part 2 activation code you receive on your mobile phone from Metrash2.

Once you complete the activation code, it’s time to create your 6-digit PIN code for your log-in credentials on the Metrash2 app.

Make sure that it’s easy for you to memorize your password or better write it on a piece of paper and place it where you can access it when you need it. So, you can easily look back at it when memory fails.

Every time you will access the Metrash 2 app you will need your 6-digit password. Retype your password and hit ‘submit’.

Now that you are done with the registration and creating your password, you can start using the Metrash app and access a wide range of useful services in the app.

Also, you can activate the fingerprint sensor for a much easier log-in. Click the “log in with a fingerprint icon” then type in your 6-digit password – it will prompt you to place your finger on the touch sensor and click “activate fingerprint”, once it’s done you can log in to your Metrash App by using your fingerprint.

Metrash2 Fingerprint


Can I Change My Registered Mobile Number To Metrash2?

Yes you can, there are two ways how to change your registered mobile number, and that is by using;

  • Metrash2 Mobile app
  • Moi web portal


How To Change Registered Mobile Number in Metrash2

If you have a new sim or new mobile number and you want to register it to replace your previous number that registered in Metrash, You can do it by simply going into your Metrash2 app on your mobile phone or by visiting the Ministry of interior (Moi) web portal.


Follow these steps to easily change your mobile number registered in Metrash 2 by using the Metrash2 app on your mobile device;

  1. Open the Metrash2 app, Click on the “General Services” option.
  2. Then, click the “Metrash” icon
  3. Followed by clicking the “Metrash for individuals”
  4. Find the “Change number” option, and then click the empty box.
  5. “Change Number” Pop-up will appear, enter the new number that you want to register, and select language on the drop-down menu. Then, click “Next”.


The second option available on how to change your registered mobile number in Metrash2 is by changing it on the Ministry of interior(Moi) website. Here’s how:

  1. Browse to “
  2. Under the “Moi services” tab, click the drop-down arrow menu and select “inquiries’
  3. Click the “Metrash” icon on the left panel
  4. Choose the “Metrash for individual” icon
  5. Enter your Qatar ID number and the new mobile number you want to register
  6. Select your preferred language and enter the verification code
  7. Finally, hit “change number” 

How to change registered mobile number in metrash2

Take note that on the same page subscribe and unsubscribe options can be used too, depending on your needs.

Aside from changing your registered mobile number in Metrash 2, There are many other useful services you can use in the Moi web portal.


What’s New in the Moi Qatar E-services website?

With the revamp of its e-services platform, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior is making it easier for citizens to check on the status of their pending documents, such as visas and residence permits.

MOI redesigned its website and introduced a dozen new services, bringing together departments such as traffic, passports, immigration, borders, criminal evidence, and intelligence services.


Metrash 2 Helpline Contact Number

if you want to reach out to the Metrash2 services for support and inquiries you can go to your mobile application at the home page before you log in – at the bottom, you can find the “contact us” menu option. or you can reach out at:

  • Contact: 2342000
  • Email:


What Are The Available Payment Methods in Metrash2?

There are two kinds of payment methods that support Metrash2:

  1. Credit card payment
  2. Direct debit through the bank (just for companies)


How To Activate Metrash2 App On Second Device?

You can use Metrash2 services on two different devices, to activate Metrash2 on the second device you have to:

  1. Download the Metrash2 application on the second device that you want to activate the app
  2. Enter your QID and password that you used in your previous device
  3. The system will send a one-time password(OTP) to the device that was previously used to activate Metrash2 that will be valid for 10 minutes
  4. The metrash2 services will be activated on the second device after you enter a one-time password(OTP)


How To De-Activate Metrash2 Services On The Device

  1. Go to menu settings
  2. Choose deactivate menu item and type in your password
  3. Select between deactivating on this device only or deactivating on all devices



To sum up, how to change your registered mobile number in Metrash 2 can be done through the Metrash mobile app and Moi Qatar web portal. Just follow the guide above to change your registered mobile number to Metrash.

Metrash is the Ministry of interior (Moi) Qatar public electronic service that can be used by Qatar residents to help them access their official documents and receive SMS messages notifying them of their official documents like visas expiry, traffic violations, passports, entry permits, and more.


Share with us your user experience on Metrash 2 services in the comment section below and if you find this article helpful share it on your social media handles.

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