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Inspection Fees of Vehicles in Qatar (Registration renewal/istimara)

Inspection Fees of Vehicles in Qatar (Registration renewal/istimara)

How much is the inspection fee of vehicles in Qatar? Every year, a renewal of car registration is required in Qatar.

Whether it is a heavy or light vehicle, once the Registration is expired, your vehicle or car needs to undergo a technical inspection before you can have your new registration card or new ISTIMARA (Arabic word for car registration).

At the same time, you need to renew your car insurance to complete the process of registering your vehicle or car after passing the technical inspection.

Inspection fees of vehicles in qatar

The inspection fees of vehicles in Qatar can be paid where your technical inspection is conducted, and most of the technical inspections now of all vehicles in Qatar are in Woqod Station (Fahes).

Woqod Station(Fahes) for Technical Inspection Locations in Qatar

  • Al Egda
  • Shahaniya
  • Al Mazrouah
  • Wadi Al Banat
  • Messaimer West
  • Al Wukair
  • Al Wakra


See map here of all the Fahes locations mentioned above.


List of Inspection Fees of Vehicles in Qatar (Registration renewal/istimara) at Permanent Stations

All inspection fees of vehicles in Qatar payment method is only through debit or credit card.

Note: If the first re-inspection is a ‘FAIL’ then the subsequent following re-inspection is a paid inspection at the normal main inspection rate. Any inspections after this follow the pattern of one paid and one free if they are within 30 days from the original main inspection.

If a vehicle doesn’t PASS within 30 days of the first main inspection, all previous reports and repairs will be ignored, and a new fresh main inspection will take place, checking every item again.

Source: fahes

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