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How to Transfer Car Ownership in Qatar: Using Metrash2 App

How to Transfer Car Ownership in Qatar: Using Metrash2 App

To transfer ownership of a Car in Qatar online using Metrash2 app is fast and easy.

Here’s How:

Download Metrash 2 app if you’re using an android phone. and for IOS you can download it here


Metrash2 App

Register your Qatar ID and make sure that your Sim number is registered with your QID, So that you can register for Metrash2 app.

Metrash2 Sign-in

Metrash2 App Login

After your successful registration, Log-in to Your Metrash2 app using your QID and Pin code or Password

Log-in using Fingerfrint

Log-in using your Fingerprint

Or, you can register using your Fingerprint. First, Before your log-in, there is an option for fingerprint registration. it will ask you to register using your fingerprint, So it is easy for you to log in the next time you want to use the Metrash2 service.

Traffic signal icon

Traffic Signal Icon

Then, it will direct you to this page (above image) head over to “traffic signal icon”, Click it to see other options.

You will see the vehicle service option “circled in orange” click it.

Traffic Service Page

Options for the vehicle service page will appear. Below image.

Vehicle Service Page

and click the  vehicle ownership transfer (there are two options in transferring ownership of the vehicle)the other one is with “significant”, Select the one without the “significant” word “circled with orange arrow”.

Vehicle Service Page(vehicle ownership)

Next, Fill up all the details required tab. which is your buyer’s information details.

  1. Buyers QID
  2. Repeat Buyers QID Note: for the company key tab just leave it blank “I put an X mark”
  3. Your buyer’s mobile number
  4. and then Your cars plate number that your going to sell and click Next, *options below not seen due to cropping of the image*

Vehicle Ownership Transfer Page(buyer’s details)

after you hit next, it will direct you to the payment options screen.


Select which card you prefer, Credit, or Debit card. Tick mark the circle option of your payment type. It can only pay using your credit or debit card. Therefore, Make sure that your card has a minimum balance of 200QR, which is your transfer payment.

Again, there are two options on how would you prefer your car registration card to get. One, through QPOST which you have to pay an additional 20QR. and the other one, through personally visiting the traffic dept. headquarters in Madinat Khalifa.

If you follow this guide on how to transfer vehicle ownership in Qatar, and it is successful, Your buyer will receive a text message from Metrash like the image below: details of car and buyer are shaded with orange line for safety purposes.

Text message from Metrash2

That’s it! the Car ownership transfer in Qatar thru Metrash2 app is so convenient, fast, and super easy.

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  1. good job, jazakallah, thank you

  2. Well explained.
    How do I transfer third party insurance to new owner?

  3. mohammed salih

    What’s the purpose of ownership transfer(significant)

  4. How to transfer car ownership from personal to company.??

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