Fahes Qatar Vehicle Inspection : All You Need To Know

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In Qatar, FAHES is the vehicle inspection center authority. Its major objective is to ensure that all cars on Qatar’s roads are safe, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries and assuring the general public’s safety.¬†

FAHES Qatar also keeps track of vehicle registrations and verifies that cars comply with emission regulations. Vehicle registration (Istimara) renewal includes a technical vehicle check.


Fahes Qatar vehicle inspection pre-test 

Prepare your vehicle before you go to the nearest fahes station in Qatar to make sure that your vehicle has a higher chance of passing the technical inspection in the first evaluation.

Below are some of the key points you need to check in your vehicle, that will put you on a higher chance of passing in Fahes inspection in Qatar.

  • Paint – a Thorough visual look, you can identify if the paint of your car still has the potential to pass the inspection. Scratch, fade, and dirt must observe.
  • Steering – as the owner of the vehicle, steering can be easily noticed if it’s not working properly by looking at your tires balancing.
  • Lightings – Turn on all your vehicle lights (headlights, hazard lights, backlights, brake lights, etc.) to see if busted lights are an issue.
  • Leakages – Fahes inspector does not like to see any leakages coming under your car (oil, water) So, fix it if there’s any.
  • Seatbelts – Pull-in and out the seatbelt strap a few times to identify that the belt strap is not loose and tightened. Inspect for visible wear and tear and change it immediately if it’s ripped up a lot.
  • Windshields – Cracked and broken glass will surely fail your technical inspection at fahes, do not attempt to pre-inspect the vehicle till you repair or replace it.
  • Tires – it’s important to look at their tread. Tires that begin to wear down will lose traction and grip on the road, Fahes inspector will easily notice it.
  • Fire extinguisher – check out gauge if it still falls in the green indicator, if not, get a new one before you head to fahes inspection station.

Identifying the above key points parts of your vehicle and correcting improper parts before inspection will boost your chance to pass the technical check at fahes inspection.

Never rely on ‚Äúluck‚ÄĚ for your vehicle to pass which many car owners are doing. preparing in advance will make you spend less energy, time, and money. Keep your vehicle tidy!

fahes Qatar


Documents required for fahes Qatar

The original registration card or istimara of the vehicle. Vehicle insurance in Qatar, Renewal of insurance can be done at Fahes inspection office or you can visit the insurance company of your choice after passing the technical inspection.


Procedures on Fahes Qatar inspection of the vehicle 

Inspections day! After all the preparation and self-check of your vehicle and documents ready, arrive at the fahes near-you inspection station early as possible. Follow these steps:

  • Register – Drive thru the registration booth and hand over your vehicle registration card or istimara to fahes personnel. Do not forget to give your mobile phone number where you can receive your vehicle inspection report.
  • Payment method – bank card or atm only is the preferred method of payment in fahes, make sure that your card has the amount fee balance. They are not accepting cash.
  • Inspection area – wait for fahes inspector to call you, then drive slowly to the designated lane pointing by the inspector. Open your car doors and get down of your vehicle till the inspector call you that the inspection is done.

Technical inspection of the vehicle at fahes will take up to only a few minutes and the result will immediately transfer to the station’s office.¬†


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Fahes inspection report in Qatar

Inspection report of your vehicle will be sent thru SMS with the link where you can download and print the report. 

if your vehicle passes the inspection, ‚ÄúPASS‚ÄĚ remarks will be on the technical inspection report. But, if your car fails the inspection,¬† ‚ÄúFAILED‚ÄĚ remarks are written in the report along with full details of why your vehicle does not pass the inspection.

fahes inspection

The inspection fees of vehicles in Qatar can be paid where your technical inspection is conducted, and most of the technical inspections now of all vehicles in Qatar are in Woqod Station (Fahes).

Fahes Timing and Locations

To keep you up to date, always visit the fahes website for any fahes timing changes and fahes working hours in fahes near you.

Fahes Station Contact Numbers

  • Fahes Al Egda (+974 4021 8784)
  • Fahes Shahaniya (+974 4021 8900)
  • Fahes Mazrooah (+974 4021 8800)
  • Fahes Wadi Al Banat (+974 4021 8700)
  • Fahes Messaimer West (+974 4021 8740)
  • Fahes Industrial area (+974 4021 7777)
  • Fahes Al Wukair (+974 4021 8762)
  • Fahes Al Shamal (+974 4021 7777)
  • Fahes Wakra (+974 4021 8777)

See Map here of all the Fahes locations mentioned above.

Inspection fees of vehicles in Qatar

image: credit to fahes.com


List of Inspection Fees of Vehicles at FAHES Qatar

Fahes Qatar accepts only payment thru debit or credit card for inspection fees of vehicles in Qatar.

Note: According to fahes, If the first re-inspection¬†is a ‘FAIL’ then the subsequent following¬†re-inspection is¬†a¬†paid inspection at the normal main¬†inspection¬†rate. Any inspections after this follow the¬†pattern¬†of one¬†paid¬†and one free if they are within 30 days from the original main inspection.

If a vehicle doesn’t PASS within 30 days of the first main inspection, all previous reports and repairs will be ignored, and a new fresh main¬†inspection will take¬†place,¬†checking every item again.

Source: fahes

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