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8 Best Beach in Qatar

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Planning for a fun beach activity?! here are The 8 Best Beach in Qatar to see whether it’s for your relaxation or Vacation tour.

Qatar is one of the Middle East countries that have so many beautiful beaches.

Other than having so many unique places to visit.

The Corniche in the Heart of the Capital city, the racing circuit in Lusail city, and the Dune sand in Messaieed are just a few places every resident or tourist should visit.

Beach is one of the destinations for family, residents, or expatriates who live in Qatar. Especially during the holiday season.

Many public beaches are available for you to unwind and have some walk. And also, your kids can enjoy the children’s playground on most shores in Qatar.

Here are some of the many beaches to see:

The 8 Best Beach in Qatar



Located near the border of Saudi Arabia. To get you to the Inland Sea, you have to travel through dune sand with no road, So you better hire a taxi which is familiar with the place.

The Inland sea is an excellent place to camp. You can enjoy a lot of activities there like swimming in the fresh and clean water. And also, you can try surfing.



The white sand and the sparkling turquoise water of Fuwairit Beach attract beachgoers in Qatar.

The beach offers plenty of fun for the family; challenging ball games and swimming is fun to do in Fuwairit beach.

Fuwairit is the home to the hawksbill turtle.

Situated in the north of Doha, it can get you there either in your vehicle or by hiring a taxi from Doha, which takes around two hours of travel.



Al Khor beach is known as the purple island and is surrounded by mangroves. It is easily accessible from Doha through the Al Khor express road.

Number three on my list of the top 8 beach destination in Qatar

You will enjoy with your family the visit to Al Khor beach by having barbecue grills while having family or friends bonding.

It has complete facilities, showers, for example, that are available on the beach.

The grassy area found on the beach is a great way to relax and picnic.

A food restaurant is also available in the vicinity if you want to try some dishes.



Farkeh Beach is only located east of Al Khor Beach, and simply like the different beaches, it is likewise a family-accommodating spot.

This beach has individual alluring segments for grown-ups just as children. Along these lines, everybody feels upbeat and safe on this beautiful beach in Qatar.

There is a child play zone, which causes them to feel dynamic and appreciating on the beach. There are numerous games exercises that you can attempt to expand your good times.

The beautiful perspective on this beach makes it an ideal spot for taking photos. Sit for quite a long time and appreciate the excellence of nature with no pressure and stress.

Top Beaches In Qatar

Best Beach In Qatar



This wonderful beach place toward the north of Doha, only a 20-minute drive from Doha, and you reach there. It is a very gleaming spot and not all that swarmed at personal times.

Number five on my list of the top 8 beach destination in Qatar

It is the ideal family place. There are a lot of offices for each age gathering. You can undoubtedly discover food, showers, and stopping regions close to this seashore.

There are various mosques and shops close by that you can visit and shop for your friends and family.

There are three play zones with conceals for kids. It is an ideal spot to bring the total family for loosening up occasions.



Al Ghariya Beach is situated in Madinat Ash Shamal. this beach is 10 Km in front of Fuwairit beach, in the north of Doha city. It is an incredibly slick and clean beach, where you can appreciate swimming.

It is a popular area for the desert camp; along these lines, you can understand the outdoors close to the ocean in Qatar. There you can set a grill to get unwind at night.

Many water sports exercises like Jet Ski, fishing, swimming, and many more are there, which gives you a lifetime experience. The sand of the seashore is exceptionally delicate, and the water is clear.

Head there with all the swimming rigging. Have some good times, and remain safe! There are additionally close-by eateries where you can go for lunch or supper when hungry. The cafés have everything from palatable to drinks.



Al Wakrah, town is located 10 km south of Doha, and the beach is around 15 km southeast of the town community.

The beach is well known for its brilliant sand and numerous great exercises. The clear water of the ocean causes you to feel cheerful and unwind.

This seashore has little fishes that snack at your dead skin cells and cause you to feel like you are in a spa. There are numerous supermarkets and eateries close to this delightful beach.



last but not the least on my top 8 beaches destination in Qatar

Zekreet beach has many stone arrangements; additionally, Richard Serra’s craft piece is closed to this lovely beach. It’s also a delightful area for outdoors and grills supper. It is roughly 45 to 50 minutes from Doha. The fantastic scenery of this beach reminds you about old settlements and ancient destinations where you can discover desert mushrooms.



Whether you are living in Qatar or want to visit the country in the following get-aways, Best Beach in Qatar is a must to see.

These will give you lifetime recollections and experiences. From harmony to brave exercises, there is everything for you. In this way, carry your children to family-situated beaches in Qatar to make their visit fun yet energizing.

Go! and have fun on this beautiful beach in Qatar.

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