10 Things You Need To Know Before Coming To Qatar

10 Things You Need To Know Before Coming To Qatar – All About Life In Doha / Qatar

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Are you thinking about coming to Qatar and want to know what to expect or how to prepare before your travel?

In this post, I will walk you through What to expect living in the beautiful country of Qatar.

Here are the 10 Things You Need To Know Before Coming To Qatar

#1 Population

The total population of Qatar is 2.9 million. Out of those only about 10% are locals. So don’t be too surprised if you’re not going to see many locals on the streets when you go out.

#2 Safety

Qatar is known to be a really safe place to live in. I once personally forgot my wallet in a restaurant, and the people in the restaurant just called me up a few hours later, asking me if I was going to pick it up again.
And then I got it back without anything missing, so that was super! Money And that brings me to the money aspect.

#3 Currency

The currency in Qatar is the Qatari Riyal. Which is on a fixed exchange rate with the US Dollar, of 3.64. And that means that one Qatari riyal is worth about 0,27 USD or 0,25 Euro.

#4 Climate

The climate in Qatar is interesting. In the summer the max temperature is about 50 ‘ celsius, and in the winter the minimum in the city is about 10’. But the bigger player is really the humidity, in the summer you will be very thankful to have air conditioning. In general, I always say there are 8 months in the year that are wonderful to enjoy outside. And then there are 4 months in the summer that are a little bit more challenging because of the weather.

#5 Transport

When you arrive in Qatar, you’ll land at Hamad International Airport. And you might have someone there to pick you up. But, if you’re not that lucky, you can take a Karwa taxi, it costs around 50 Riyals to get to the Doha city center. Or you can take one of the bus lines, some but not all, operate 24 / 7.

The cheapest bus card costs 10 QR for 2 journeys within 24 hours. And the other option is taking the Doha Metro. A single journey costs only 2 QR. But keep in mind, the Metro only operates between 6 am and 11 pm, and on Fridays between 2 pm and 11 pm. Careem and Uber are also available in Qatar and you can book through their respective mobile app.

Here is The Complete Guide to Public Transportation in Qatar if you want to explore more.

#6 Dress

Qatar is of course a Muslim country, so you are expected to dress modestly, covering at least shoulders and legs in public. If you are a lady, there is no need to cover up completely, as long as you go dressed modestly, covering at least shoulders and legs.

#7 Religion

And that brings me to the point of religion.

Qatar Airways - State owned Flag Carrier of Qatar

Qatar Airways – State-Owned Flag Carrier of Qatar

If you are Muslim, of course, there is plenty of opportunities to practice your beliefs. But if you are of any other religion, you can still go and practice it, as long as you don’t go out on the streets to promote it. Doha also has a religious complex, where people of religions other than Muslim, can come together and practice their religion.

#8 Alcohol

Another thing you need to know before coming to Qatar is the point of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is certainly available in most of the bigger hotels, but not in many stand-alone restaurants. But if your job is above a certain level, you’ll be able to get a clearance certificate from your employer, and you can take that to the (You can access their online service on the link) QDC to register for a membership. And then you’ll be able to buy alcohol for your personal use.

To learn more about the liquor permit in Qatar, Read How to get a liquor permit in Qatar

#9 Watersports

Being a peninsula, surrounded by water on 3 sides, Qatar is an amazing place for watersports. Kitesurfing, boating, sailing, and fishing, are just some examples of things you’ll find a lot of opportunity for.

#10 Blockade

If you’re worried that the blockade in Qatar has put things upside down, I would say, don’t worry at all. Of course, the blockade has an effect on maybe the prices in the supermarkets, they have gone up a little bit. And there are certain travel restrictions in place, but the direct effect on life in Qatar is very small.

In fact, since the blockade, Qatar has become more self-reliant, starting to produce some of its own food supplies, and that’s of course a really good thing.

And those are the 10 things you need to know before coming to Qatar.  And just a quick reminder, anything in this article is my personal opinion only.

All right! if you want to leave me a comment I’ll be sure to get back to you! And I’ll see you soon in Qatar!

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